Vacheron Constantin's full calendar is stunning in real life

I heard early in June vc to adjust prices, after the year on the idea of re-entering a watch in the freak and 4100t between torn for a long time, think or first buy the formal, sports at least now there is a seahorse can top top (although now that go to change the needle claim to two months, mumbling)
The purchase of the table can be said to be a series of twists and turns, has always thought that the international can be liberalized some, originally work reasons for frequent foreign runs, who know completely not as expected, almost still do not have to go abroad, more little opportunity to go to the table store, business trip to Chengdu happened to pass by the Chunxi Road vc, 4100t just a rose gold spot on the try on, more grass, so lock the target, ask the white gold models, said the whole China I was so embarrassed that I returned to the Magic City and ran two stores and couldn't even see the rose gold.
    After two weeks, Chengdu sa contact said that there is a piece of domestic deposit transfer, thinking to see the actual table, there are eight or nine to take down. Talk about the advantages and disadvantages, the official price before the price increase of 31.6, barely cost-effective, white gold style is very low-profile, do not stare at most people will not recognize, full calendar moon phase with fast adjustment, more than 40 hours of dynamic storage is not long, there is a card degree balance wheel a little bit off the price, the strap is comfortable to wear.