Life always needs a white plate

The white dial is one of the most traditional watch dial colors, and is also deeply favored by the watchmaking brands, almost every watchmaking brand, in their own fist products, will launch a white dial. As for the differences in personality between owners, they can be embellished by other elements of the dial, such as moon phases (representative: Jaeger-LeCoultre Master), small spots (representative: Longines Freckles), or interesting functions (representative: Vacheron Constantin Retrograde).
In the star-like abundance of many white plate formal table, everyone loves the point must be different, white is too pure and too monotonous, so that the white can play on the new work is enough for the major brands to rack their brains, so that manufacturers, watch enthusiasts to the white plate tribute, often reflected in the "classic" keyword On, think about the master moon phase, 6651, 85180, 5227, 1815 these familiar top brand models, none of them are the classic work of the brands; then think about Portofino, disc fly, elite, luc, Carrera C6, master craftsman ...... their white plate also reveals the brand's tribute to the classics. Although the market has become a trend to pursue the blue plate green plate or some color plate, but for the classic formal watch, I think, there must be a white plate to replica rolex watches
I chose the 5177BB.
As an engineering guy, let's talk about performance first.
The 38mm size, which fits most people's wrists and body types, is a common size for formal watches, no sense of incongruity, no worries, good reviews.
8.8mm thickness, no pressure to adapt to all shirts and suits, praise.
777 movement, one of the classic Breguet movements, tested in the market, better stability, more accurate time, 243 parts, 26 jewels, gives a good answer, praise.
All 18k white gold, a certain weight, but not particularly pressure hands, corrosion resistance, but the material is still on the soft side, need to be careful some, medium evaluation.
30m waterproof, about the same as no, in the formal watch especially the same group of go has done 50m premise, this value is still quite embarrassing, poor evaluation.
Switch back to the literary man mode, and then talk about the value of the face. Can put a picture not BB.